avavaKsenia Kondratieva (often writing as Alexandra Katz) is a freelance journalist of Russian origin based in India. She covers various sectors of business from oil & gas, defense, retail to telecom & IT technology and writes on sustainable development, poverty alleviation, various social issues prevailing in developing countries.

Ksenia covers Indo-Russian bilateral relations, foreign policy, social and cultural trends. Her latest works have been published in RBTH, BRICS Business Magazine, Rossiyskaya Gazeta and other publications in both Russian and English languages.

Before moving to Southeast Asia in 2009, Ksenia lived in St. Petersburg, Russia, working as a business reporter of city’s largest business daily and then editor-in-chief of a weekly newspaper on Municipal Governance and Real Estate. Since 2007, she has been editor-in-chief of a fortnightly magazine “St Petersburg Business Magazine” focused on entrepreneurship and SMEs. During her career as editor-in-chief, she managed a team of reporters, photographers, designers to deliver a quality publication engaging business readers in discussion on future of small and medium business in Russia, scrutinizing government policies towards entrepreneurship in the country and sharing startup ideas and business cases.

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