Documentary on Deonar dumping ground in Mumbai

Deonar dumping ground is huge wasteland in the middle of Mumbai where a large chunk of city’s daily waste is being dumped for past 90 years without any further processing. This documentary looks into how the Deonar dumping ground operates and why it is dangerous for the people living around. It shows why Deonar dumping will continue threatening Mumbaikars’ health if the waste will remain untreated scientifically.

It questions the present system of waste management in the city and those responsible for the proper functioning of this system. It also shows the role of so-called rag-pickers in the city’s waste management system, the role which was never really recognized either by government or by Mumbai citizens. This video talks about the efforts that the government, the NGOs and the startups make to solve city’s waste problem and shows what citizens can and should do to help Mumbai become cleaner and safer for all people living in it.

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